Our mission

The main goal of the Pannon Sea Repository of Geological and Natural History is to collect, research, preserve and regularly display geological and paleontological items of the tertiary and quaternary geologic period.

In the past 65 million years, several of our economically important raw material formed in the Pannonian Basin. We can reckon for example coal formation, starting in boggy, swampy areas, ore genesis that can be connected to volcanism or the huge freshwater resources that lays in the deep. With describing, examining and surveying such raw materials, phenomena and processes, we would like to contribute to get to know our remote past in greater detail, and more reasonable economic utilization of the environment.

Our observation area in a narrow sense is Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, but as the processes do not know county borders and frontiers, it extends over the whole Pannonian Basin.